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Not only for businesses, more and more personals are going to use cloud storage solution for storing and sharing their important files or information nowadays. When choosing cloud storage solution, people need to take the usability, security, price value and support aspects into account. However, there are hundreds of cloud storage providers available, it is quite hard to find a reliable one. In the following, we will list the top 3, and help people find the best cloud storage solution.


Since its establishment in 2007, Dropbox ( has been providing a wide range of file hosting service and cloud storage solutions for satisfying requirements of different customers worldwide.

With Dropbox cloud storage solution, people cannot only store, share, sync and manage their files easily, but also are allowed to access from any devices like Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and others at any time.

Moreover, Dropbox cloud storage has very high security level, since the company utilizes 256-bit AES encryption, SSL/TLS technology, unlimited recovery, multi-step verification, account activity monitoring and more.

For individuals, Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Pro two solutions are highly recommended. The Basic contains 2GB free space, users can access from anywhere and share files easily with Dropbox safe & reliable backup. While the Pro solution comes with 1TB space, all basic features, extra sharing controls, remote wipe and etc.

If people are going to use cloud storage for team work, Dropbox for Business is the right solution. It offers centralized admin controls, unlimited version history and comprehensive audit log and more others. Dropbox cloud storage price starts from $9.99/mo regularly, and now people would get 17% if they sign up for annual plan, and the total price will be at $99/yr.

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If people still have questions about Dropbox cloud storage, they can check out its Help Center, call the technicians or visit: and Dropbox review.


box-cloud-storage-220Box ( has been offering reliable and secure cloud storage service since 2005. Now, it serves more than 27 million customers all over the world. According to the company, one of its most important missions is to make content sharing, accessing and managing easy to everyone.

It has personal and business cloud storage solution options. No matter which one people choose, they are allowed to conveniently store all types of their files, sync to other devices and share with others easily. Box cloud storage supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, and main tablet and computer versions.

All Box datacenters and operations are certified by Safe Harbor, and its system secured with HIPAA standards. Besides, customers’ data is encrypted with premium SSL, 256-bit AES as well as others to set one of the most safe cloud storage environments.

In addition to the free Personal plan with 10-100GB storage and 250MB to 5GB file size, Box also provides people with three affordable cloud storage solutions. The price starts from $6/uers/mo, and includes up to unlimited storage and 5GB file size.

Box support can be contacted through telephone and email, or people are able to directly visit: and check out our Box Review.


justcloud-220JustCloud ( is a professional and well-known company who offers easy, fast and unlimited cloud storage service. With it, people can store all of their files into the cloud, and access and share from anywhere. JustCloud cloud storage is widely recommended.

Choosing JustCloud solution, people will get unlimited cloud storage to store their documents, images, music, videos or other contents. With this 100% automated service and free mobile app, it is easy to sync various computers, access files and share them with others easily. JustCloud is available for Windows, Vista, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire, etc.

JustCloud datacenters are quite solid, and all of them are equipped with Ultra-Redundant Power, Networking Systems and HVAC. Moreover, its engineers monitor all the time to ensure customers fast and reliable cloud storage experience. JustCloud guarantees 99.9% uptime.

The regular price of JustCloud cloud storage solution starts from $5.95/mo. Now, the company gives people 20% off to make the service price from $4.49/mo. Before purchasing cloud storage solution, people can try JustCloud free plan first.

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JustCloud also provides the best comprehensive and effective support via 24×7 telephone, live chat and email. If customers are not satisfied with the cloud storage solution, they can take huge advantages of JustCloud Money Back Guarantee.

Please visit: or check out JustCloud Review.

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