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cloud-hostingCompared to those traditional hosting services, cloud hosting is considered as a powerful alternative coming with flexible features, stable performance and high security. There are more and more personal bloggers and business owners available to sign up with cloud hosting and expect successful and excellent experience online. However, cloud hosting has different quality.

Based on our own test and reviews we collected from the customers, we finally named Bluehost, Singlehop and Linode as Best Cloud Hosting. No matter which one people are going to choose, they will receive great cloud hosting and support to build powerful websites.


Bluehost ( is one of the Top 10 Web Hosting, and it is famous for providing high quality and affordable shared, VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated server on Linux platform. Until now, Bluehost has been successfully serving millions of domains and websites all over the world.

In terms of Bluehost cloud hosting, it is not only built on cloud technology with great power, but also offers high scalability with multiple solutions and different contained resources at cheap prices. Both individuals and businesses can find the best cloud hosting solution at Bluehost.

Its cloud hosting ensures up to 4 CPU cores, 240GB storage, 8GB available RAM, 4TB bandwidth, 2 IPs and 1 free domain registration as basics. For other advanced features, customers will get multi-server management, root access, optimized cPanel allowing comprehensive and convenient access control. Bluehost also offers customers many other cloud add-ons that can make their websites better.

With the backup of its self-managed datacenters, servers and industry-leading cloud technologies, Bluehost cloud hosting delivers 99.9% uptime, and one of the fastest speeds and best performances.  If customers have any question about its cloud hosting, Bluehost experts are 24/7 standing by via phone, live chat and email.

Bluehost cloud hosting has four solutions, and its price starts from $29.99/mo normally. With Bluehost special discount, customers will get the cloud hosting price from only $14.99 for the first month. Besides, it allows Anytime Money Back.

To find more, please visit Bluehost.

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Singlehop ( is the company who focuses on advanced and powerful hosting products and web services. Since the company operates various well-equipped datacenters in Arizona, Chicago and the Netherlands, customers can expect high cloud hosting performance from Singlehop.

Honestly, Singlehop is one of the best cloud hosting that ensures rich resources and features, and is backed up by responsive and efficient supports. It offers scalable public cloud hosting as well as 100% private and isolated cloud hosting.

Singlehop cloud hosting includes at least 2.4GHz speed, 1 vCores, 25GB SAN storage, 1GB RAM as well as 1TB bandwidth these basic resources.

While Singlehop allows extremely granular control, and ensures the most reliable, secure and the fastest cloud hosting performance by utilizing enterprise-level hardware & technologies from EMC, VMware, Intel, Cisco and others.

In addition to very easy-to-access telephone and online knowledgebase, Singlehop cloud hosting technicians can be got through via Live Chat. This is much friendlier than many other cloud hosting providers. As the result, customers can get satisfactory support at Singlehop.

Singlehop cloud hosting charges from $45.39/mo, and customers are allowed to pay hourly at 6.53¢. Although Singlehop guarantees money back within the first 7 days, its cloud hosting is still regarded as high price valued and one of the best options to customers.

Please visit: to check out more details of Singlehop cloud hosting service.


Linode ( specializes in VPS hosting service created on cloud platform with native SSDs. For web beginners or professionals, Linode provides them with complete, scalable but easy cloud server hosting environment. Its cloud hosting comes with cheap prices as well.

The very basic package of Linode cloud hosting contains 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 2TB transfer, 24GB SSD storage and 40 Gbit network in/125 Mbit network out.

Moreover, Linode offers easy and simple control panel, console access with Lish, Linode API, IPv6 support, DNS manager and etc. Customers also enable to choose cloud resources, Linux distro, and node location between North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. To keep their websites more smooth, customers can do more with Linode backups, Longview, NodeBalancers and etc.

Linode guarantees a 99.9% uptime for its cloud server availability. If customers have issues about cloud or other hosting aspects, Linode support technicians are available to assist them 24×7 to get their issues be resolved in just minutes.

Customers are allowed to choose monthly or hourly payment if they decide to go with Linode cloud hosting. Its price starts from $10/mo or $0.15/hr, and Linode guarantees 7-Day Money Back.

As one of the best cloud hosting, Linode platform is trusted by more than 250,000 customers. Please visit: to know more.

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