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The process of find a right email marketing service to boost business is not an easy job as hundreds of providers on the marketplace are claiming to offer the best solution. This article is going to introduce a well-known email marketing service provider in the industry—Benchmark, and review it from pricing, contact management, email creation & sending, and reporting & tracking, hoping customers through the Benchmark Review can understand what makes Benchmark popular and how to choose a suitable email marketing service in the future.

About Benchmark

benchmark logo-1Benchmark ( was formed in 2004 with the purpose of offering best cheap email marketing service for all businesses throughout the world. After years of development, the company now has grown up into an international company and gains good reputation among tens of thousands customers for packaging dozen, sophisticated list management, hundreds of email templates, ultra-precise reports, dazzling email and video email together for an extremely affordable price.

Benchmark Pricing Review

Like other famous email marketing service providers, for instance, MailChimp, Benchmark offers a free plan allowing customers to send up to 14,000 emails to maximum 2,000 subscribers each month.

For people who opt for a paid plan, they can pay by the number of contacts they plan to contact per month. The contact-based plans charge from $11.95/mo for 600 contacts and go up to $29,200 for as many as 7,140,000 contacts each month. Surprisingly, for non-profit organizations, Benchmark gives them 25% discount on any email marketing plan.

Benchmark Promotion
25% Off

Benchmark Contact Management Review

Benchmark provides every customer with an easy-to-use list management tool, making segmenting, importing, and integrating as easy as a piece of cake.

Customers can break down their email lists by demographics, customer preference and other criteria. And then send the most relevant content to targeted subscribers for the best result.

Besides, customers can create new lists by importing an address book from their email account, adding contacts one by one, or cutting and pasting email addresses from a document. If customers need to download a file, they should ensure that they already have a document with a file extension for .csv., .xls, and .txt.

Benchmark also makes it easy for customers to upload an existing list and integrate with over 300 services such as Salesforce, Zapier, WordPress, and Zoho, PayPal, Facebook, and more. Customers just need to download an app or plugin and install it, then they can build an email list right on their site.

Likewise, Benchmark helps customers keep track of bounced messages, contacts who have unsubscribed from their mailing lists and more. The company enables customers to create and send emails or surveys with videos in which to their subscribers.

Benchmark Email Creation & Sending Review

Benchmark email marketing service contains some advanced options which are useful in helping customers design and optimize their email marketing campaigns. The company makes it quick and easy to create an email advertising campaign by providing an intuitive dashboard and a drag & drop editor.

Simply dragging and dropping features blocks and images into place, customers will have a good vision for their emails to life. They can also see what their email look like before sending them to subscribers. Benchmark ensures that every email is accessible to desktop, tablet and smartphone while remaining good-looking. In case customers need to enhance the images, Benchmark allows them to use the email editor to add effects, stickers, or even add a message with beautiful fonts over the photo.

Benchmark’s templates are adequate and provide a solid selection in various categories, including type, industry, and holiday. Customers can add a picture or logo via a simple drag-and-drop function and resize or customize the color to cater to their needs.

If necessary, there is a code editor that can be used to help HTML savvy build unique email scratch or edit the HTML of an email template. The dual view function allows customers to see the design of an email while editing it.

Benchmark Email Reporting & Tracking Review

Benchmark reporting tab includes all the reports available for helping customers understand how subscribers interact with their emails, including an active email campaign overview, reports on click-throughs, email forwarding, statistics of contacts, results of survey, as well as email abuse. Customers can better evaluate their email marketing campaigns, determine the success, and identify where to improve from the important stats and records offered in the tracking and reporting section.

Customers can benefit from geotracking to discover where in the world the subscribers are opening the emails so as to help them segment lists based on timezones to make sure their emails are always delivered at the time they want. However, the reach of customers’ tracking does not stop here. Benchmark keeps track of customers’ social media campaigns as well so as to help them tailor future social media-based campaigns to those subscribers who shared or liked it.

Benchmark uses A/B testing allowing customers to compare multiple subject lines and see which gain higher open rates, compare campaigns against one another and discover the best one, plus pinpoint the best times to send an email to the lists.

Benchmark Customer Support Review

Benchmark email marketing service comes with a comprehensive support portal so that customers can get efficient assistance when needed. Hundreds of email marketing articles and FAQs can be found there to help customers solve some common issues. Even better, the provider offers many video tutorials available for all customers.

If customers need further help or technical support, they can contact with Benchmark support team via telephone, Live Chat, or email. The human support can be reached at any time, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Importantly, it is totally free of charge!


From the above, it is easily to understand why Benchmark can achieve great success in email marketing service field. It provides everything people need to target audience with a professional email campaign. Customers can create impressive email lists and monitor results of the emails with excellent reporting function with ease. Benchmark also encourages its customers to start with its free plan and upgrade it whenever they need. For more information about Benchmark, please feel free to visit online.

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