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With more than 20-year experience, ( has been a leader on the market of cloud hosting, virtualization hosting, dedicated servers and collocation. The highlight of the company is 3 self-owned and self-managed datacenters based in North America. Moreover, what it offers always exceeds the regular requirements of customers.

In the following, we are going to analyze its main product cloud hosting in detail so that readers will know whether is a trustworthy web host or not. Review on Cloud Hosting Price Value cloud hosting comes with Linux and Windows platforms. Regarding each platform, the company offers multiple plans. The smallest Linux cloud hosting plan features with 512 MB RAM, 1 vCPU core, 20 GB disk space and 2 TB outbound data transfer. For the entry-level Windows cloud hosting, people will receive 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40 GB space and 3GB outbound transfer.

In addition to above features, every cloud hosting plan is based on free SSD servers along with endless inbound data transfer. What’s more, cloud hosting customers will get not only their paid CPU cycles, but also spare cycles sometimes.

Furthermore, it just costs almost 30 seconds to get the server ready to use and customers will easily upgrade their plans or add additional features at anytime. Additional IP, extra outbound data transfer, daily backup, and even cPanel/WHM are optional to customers. practices per second billing payment. It means that customers just need to pay for what they really use. There is still monthly pricing estimated based on a full month, which customers will refer to. Specifically, the Linux cloud hosting starts at $4.97/mo while the Windows cloud hosting charges from $14.97/mo. It is rare to see that cloud hosting starts at such low prices. Cloud Hosting

More than that, customers are allowed to cancel their accounts at any time since the company does not lock customers with any contract. Review on Uptime & Performance

In general, web hosts provide 99.9% uptime guarantee and some even lower. However, has 100% uptime SLA and this SLA even covers 3 terms, including 100% network uptime, 100% infrastructure uptime and 100% hardware replacement SLA. All of them are loaded with money back guarantee.

Such premium performance comes from the support of 5 world-class datacenters in Toronto, Dallas, Orlando, New York and San Francisco. The first three are owned and operated by as well. Additionally, London and Singapore datacenters are coming soon to better serve people in Europe and Asia.

As for servers, the company features them with Intel Xeon processors and solid state drives. Moreover, it utilizes QEMU technology to make its servers reach native performance. Every user in a cloud node will get enough resources they purchase because never oversells resources on cloud nodes. Review on Ease of Use

An API along with restful query interface is for people to manage their cloud services. They can use any programming language, like PHP, Python and Java, to communicate over HTTPS with API servers. Via the API, they will fully control the operating systems, applications, code and content. Besides, offers console access too.

If people are used to managing servers via icon-based cPanel, they can install cPanel and WHM at $14.97/mo as well. Review on Customer Support

In order to make sure its customers will get award-winning support when they request, has a 24/7/365 phone and email support team, formed by experienced cloud hosting experts. Besides, people will get support by live chat as well. Moreover, an informative community including how-to guides, what-is articles and FAQs is for people to check if they feel it is necessary.

On top of that, also is responsible for monitoring datacenters, network, servers and other hardware.


From above review, we see that Atlantic cloud hosting has unparalleled 100% uptime SLA based on 5 datacenters, 3 of which belong to the company. The cloud hosting is so flexible that customers will scale up their plans, add extra services or cancel their accounts anytime. More importantly, the starting pricing is so low at $4.97/mo only and customers just pay for what they use.

Therefore, is recommended for every user, ranging from developers, small online business, and medium companies to even large international enterprises. For more information about, please visit - 640

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