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arvixe vs ipageArvixe ( and iPage ( are pretty good web hosts both with over 10-year hosting experience. There is a great variety of hosting at Arvixe while iPage is committed to offering low-price hosting that every client can afford.

In below, we will further analyze the features, pricing, speed, reliability and supports of Arvixe and iPage to distinguish them more clearly for people.

Arvixe vs iPage on Features

Arvixe hosting has five main types: Personal Class, Business Class, Reseller Class, VPS Class and Dedicated Class based on Linux and Windows server. And its Linux Personal Class contains rich features that could fully meet the hosting requirements. Unlimited space, transfer, email boxes, websites, MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL are examples.

Moreover, customers will gain PHP5, CGI, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, shared SSL, PHPMyAdmin, SSI and cPanel at Arvixe as well.

However, iPage just provides 3 main hosting: Essential hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Its Essential hosting supports unlimited space, bandwidth, email boxes, websites and MySQL databases. Other features are useful for building websites like Perl, Server Side Includes, URL redirect, shared SSL, Web Hosting Control Panel and FTP manager.

Arvixe vs iPage on Pricing

Arvixe hosting has high-price value because of rich features and affordable prices. Its Personal Class hosting now starts at $2.8/mo after getting discounted 30% off with the coupon code “clue30”. However, this plan regularly needs $4 per month at least. Furthermore, going with Arvixe, customers will still get 60-day Money Back Guarantee for a full refund if necessary.

Arvixe Coupon'clue30'
30% Off

In terms of the pricing, iPage has the edge on Arvixe. iPage Essential hosting has the limited time promotion. The regular starting price $9.99/mo is discounted 80% off, making the price low to $2.25/mo. More than that, iPage Anytime Money Back Guarantee is a tempting as well. With that, its clients will receive a full refund within the first 30 days and then a prorated refund.

iPage Exclusive Deal
78% Off

Arvixe vs iPage on Speed and Reliability

Besides US and Europe datacenter locations, Arvixe recently adds a Hong Kong datacenter to better serve customers. The three datacenters are best-in-class, in which power outage is impossible to happen because of perfect power management system supported by UPS and N+1 generators. Additionally, first-level network layers deliver screaming fast speed.

iPage utilizes 2 datacenters both based in US, which have same equipment and network infrastructures. And the 2 are also leading in the industry, creating reliable hosting environment. What’s more, customers need not worry security since the datacenters have 24/7 security measures.

Arvixe vs iPage on Supports

Arvixe provides 24/7 phone and email supports in case people have any problem. More than that, people can also get touch with Arvixe engineers via the most convenient live chat support. In addition, Arvixe spends a lot on the online support center, making it helpful and useful when people need the self-help.

iPage performs quite well on customer supports as well. Live chat, phone and email supports are basics, available at 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. According to customer reviews, iPage support response is so fast that phone call is gotten through in one minute in general. Beyond that, iPage has the extensive Help Center too.


To sum up, Arvixe designs feature-rich hosting solutions, enhanced with fast speed, reliable performance and convenient support. And multiple hosting types make customers easy to upgrade. But it is a little high when compared to iPage, which delivers normal hosting.

Therefore, we prefer recommending Arvixe to all businesses, organizations, developers as well as some individuals who want to host a fine website. And iPage is also good for personals who can only cost a little on website building.

Please respectively visit and to gain more details of Arvixe and iPage.

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