Arvixe Managed Drupal Hosting Review

Drupal is a very popular open source content management system that powers millions of website on the web. In below Arvixe managed Drupal hosting review, we will analyze the hosting solution from features, prices, performance and customer service to see whether Arvixe provides the best Drupal hosting with management service that customers can rely on.

About Arvixe

arvixe logo--1Arvixe ( is one of the best web hosting providers, especially for Windows users. It is not only dedicated to offering the best possible shared web hosting solution, but also develops reliable VPS and dedicated server services for customers of all walks of life. With years of development, the web host gains good reputation for industry leading technologies, excellent US-based customer support, and high price value services and tools.

Arvixe Managed Drupal Hosting Review on Features

Arvixe is a Drupal Supporting Partner bringing customers the high quality and reliable hosting they need to run their Drupal websites. The web host combines Linux with Apache web server, as well as PHP5 with MySQL 5 database for supporting the latest version of Drupal.

Arvixe managed Drupal hosting also comes with cPanel control panel with which customers can save a lot of time on managing their Drupal websites from installation, configuration, traffic analysis, as well as maintenance. Each customer at Arvixe is allowed to have at least 6 domains in one Drupal instance. If customers want to change the permission of their files or configure their cron job, they can do it with the shell access.

Besides the above, customers can get free domain name for life, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited mail boxes, $100 Google Adwords voucher, and $100 Yahoo! Bing voucher. As well, every Arvixe managed Drupal hosting customer can install Drupal with Softaculous script installer. The web host also promises daily R1Soft backups and password protected directories to secure customers’ Drupal hosting accounts.

As to management, Arvixe 24/7 US based hosting support team are responsible for pre-installing and pre-configuring Drupal. Due to that, customers can spend much more time on completing their Drupal websites or boosting business online.

Arvixe Managed Drupal Hosting Review on Pricing

Arvixe has launched two managed Drupal hosting packages, namely PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro, charging for $7.00/mo and $10.00/mo monthly. However, according to the latest Arvixe Coupon, if customers choose to sign up with a yearly plan, they can get up to 30% off. Even better, if customers purchase Arvixe managed Drupal hosting solution using the coupon code clue30, they just need to pay with $2.8/mo and $4.9/mo.

Arvixe Coupon 'clue30'
30% Off

To protect customers from any financial risks, Arvixe offers each managed Drupal hosting customer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, customers can cancel their hosting accounts within the first 60 days from signing up and request full refund, once they are not satisfied with the hosting service.

Arvixe Managed Drupal Hosting Review on Speed and Reliability

As a big brand name in hosting industry, Arvixe never disappoints its customers because of speed or uptime. Instead, they will be surprised about Arvixe’s high performance.

arvixe data centerFor one hand, the web host now is utilizing multiple data centers in the United States and Asia so that customers can choose the closer one to host their Drupal websites for the purpose of lower latency and faster connection. The data centers are equipped with fully redundant power supply, UPS, complete cooling system, raised floor, and fire-suppression system, ensuring good reliability for every Drupal website.

On the other side, Arvixe carefully chooses cutting edge hardware and software solutions so as to provide customers with the best possible performance for their Drupal websites. All the servers at Arvixe utilize the latest Intel Xeon E5620 processors along 15K RPM SCSI drives in RAID 10, SSD raid arrays to speed up the process of service systems thus creating an optimized Drupal hosting environment. In addition, Arvixe always strives to offer up-to-date MySQL, PHP, Apache, Linux operating systems, and mail servers so that customers can benefit from reliable and secure managed Drupal hosting solution.

As to networking, Arvixe has built a solid, robust network infrastructure which then contributes to at least 99.9% uptime for every managed Drupal hosting customer. By making use of multiple Tier 1 telecom providers, Arvixe greatly bypasses transit network and shortens the network path between a website and its visitors; by taking advantage of multiple routers and switches at the primary network layers, Arvixe manages to remain a quite stable environment for running Drupal websites.

Arvixe Managed Drupal Hosting Review on Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is always one of the most essential things that Arvixe cares about. It ensures its support team be composed of experienced and friendly technicians and experts. They not just take charge of installation and updates of OS, Drupal, and other software, but also can provide efficient help for all Drupal hosting customers as required.

When encountering with any Drupal or hosting related questions, customers can directly contact with Drupal support staffs via various methods like telephone, email, and Live Chat at any time around the year. They can also turn to Arvixe’s extensive knowledgebase to search for the answers to their questions independently. There are hundreds of tutorials and FAQs inside the knowledgebase offered by Arvixe technicians and experts, customers can feel free to rely on them.

In general, Arvixe customer support is outstanding either in terms of direct support methods and quality or in terms of self-help service feedback.


As a Drupal Supporting Web Host Partner, Arvixe hosting solution is fully compatible with Drupal. The web host has remarkable management service to help customers get rid of Drupal hosting account configuration and software installation. Moreover, customers with Arvixe managed Drupal hosting can receive unlimited hosting resources and rich advanced features allowing them to build powerful Drupal websites as expected. If there is any Drupal related question, they can get the most attentive and effective customer service. More importantly, Arvixe managed Drupal hosting costs at a quite reasonable price from $2.8/mo only after discounting.

For more information about Arvixe managed Drupal hosting, please visit to check out.

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