Arvixe Joomla Hosting Review

Viewed as one of the Top 10 Web Hosting providers, Arvixe ( is committed to offering customers unmatchable web hosting solutions with high reliability, excellent performance and affordable prices. Beside, Arvixe is also the Joomla partner and Joomla hosting leader, so here we just review how well it could support Joomla for website owners.

Great Compatibility of Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Arvixe ReviewAs the leader, Arvixe helps people create the best Joomla websites because it is completely compatible with Joomla. Furthermore, Arvixe Joomla hosting needs to come with PHP 5.2.X, PHP 5.3.X and the latest version of MySQL 5 to give people great Joomla services.

More than that, purchasing Arvixe Joomla hosting package, customers will get 1 free domain name for the whole life instead of one year that most of web hosts provide.

In addition to above, there are other rich features for customers to host their Joomla websites at Arvixe, for example Arvixe Joomla hosting package consists of Mod-rewrite Apache module to be installed by default, making friendlier search engine.

  • PHP memory-limit is set to 256MB in Arvixe Joomla hosting.
  • Arvixe provides customers with suPHP that will largely increase website security.
  • Arvixe supports to host Joomla at its shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and cloud hosting.

Arvixe Joomla Website Page Loading Speed

Arvixe builds an excellent Joomla hosting environment to deliver customers a fast page loading speed in the industry, which will run up to around 1.5s. With this fast speed, visitors will not waste much time in waiting for loading pages and have a better surfing the Internet experience.

And there are several important factors to maintain the fast page loading speed of Arvixe Joomla websites all the time, like powerful datacenters, rock-solid equipment, advanced servers, world-class Joomla engineers and more. In addition to fast speed, Arvixe guarantees 99.9% uptime to customers as well.

One-click Installation to Arvixe Joomla Website

Going with Arvixe Joomla hosting, customers will get one-click installer Softaculous service in their cPanel accounts, which will easily and quickly to set up Joomla into target websites. Beyond that, Arvixe Joomla pre-installation and pre-configuration will help customers save much time too.

Arvixe Joomla Hosting Review on Support Service

Arvixe has managed Joomla hosting support for people in 24 hours a day and 7 days a week based in US. Customers will receive professional solutions from its experienced technicians who all know deeply about Joomla, hosting as well as Joomla hosting.

More than that, Arvixe collects a lot of useful Joomla tutorials, FAQs, articles and guidance into its online support center, which is open for every person who is interested in Arvixe Joomla hosting and wants to get more information as well as solutions.

Do We Recommend Arvixe Joomla Hosting?

Arvixe Joomla hosting is 100% compatible with Joomla and also delivers fast speed. Additionally, it can be installed in one-click and will support customers well both before and after the deal. So we strongly recommend Arvixe Joomla hosting to people who are searching for a Joomla hosting package to build Joomla websites.

And Arvixe provides competitive Joomla hosting price to customers too. With our exclusive Arvixe coupon ‘clue30″, customers will only pay $2.8/mo to host a Joomla website at Arvixe and enjoy friendly 60-Day Full Money-back Guarantee service.

To get more information about Arvixe, please visit or go to check out Arvixe Review.

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