Arvixe Drupal Hosting Review

Based on a variety of high quality web hosting solutions, Arvixe ( grows pretty fast in the industry since its establishment in 2003. Till now, Arvixe has successfully attracted hundreds of thousands of individuals, small-businesses and big enterprise to cooperate with it. In this review, we will make an analysis on Arvixe Drupal hosting to see how well it supports Drupal.

Arvixe Drupal Compatibility

Arvixe ReviewArvixe tailors the practically useful Drupal hosting solution to satisfy different sorts of customers, which is 100% compatibility with Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and even the latest Drupal 8. Besides, customers will utilize PHP version 4, 5.2x and 5.3x to work with Drupal websites while PHP 5.3.8 is always viewed as the most suitable PHP version for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

Moreover, the advanced MySQL 5 is available in its web servers, making Arvixe Drupal websites powerful enough. In addition to that, more Drupal features are in below:

  • Arvixe provides suPHP tech to decrease risk and ensure secure Drupal websites.
  • PHP memory-limit is set to 256 MB by default at Arvixe, which will respond quickly.
  • Apache mod-rewrite is excellent to support clean URL and SEO friendly.
  • One free domain name is for the whole life within Arvixe Drupal hosting package.

Drupal Page Loading Speed

Arvixe engineers pay much attention to improving page loading speed of Drupal websites since they know the meaning of speed to customers quite well. Here we will see how fast Arvixe Drupal websites load pages through our testing.

We install Drupal 7 in it as well as utilize Drupal cache. Beyond that, in our testing, Drupal theme Bartik is set by default.

Here are two sets of data:

  • Case 1: 100 nodes and mainly text.
  • Case 2: 100 nodes and each node consists of 3-5 images.

After testing, we get the following result:

Home Page Loading Speed Node Loading Speed
Case 1 1.5s~1.7s 1.3s~1.5s
Case 2 1.7s~1.9s 1.5s~1.8s

We can see that Arvixe Drupal websites performs very well. And fast speed will appeal to more visitors come to Arvixe Drupal websites with less waiting time for loading pages.

Drupal-friendly Support Service

Arvixe is proud as a Drupal Supporting Web Host Partner, who participates in Drupal community. So Arvixe has the experienced Drupal specialists in-house for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When people have any question, these specialists will solve it effectively.

Furthermore, customers will find out solutions via Arvixe Drupal support center, which includes a number of Drupal articles, guidance and tutorials to meet requirements of people for Drupal and Drupal hosting.

1-click Drupal Installation

Arvixe allows its clients to install Drupal websites within a few simple clicks. Softaculous in cPanel accounts is one-click Drupal installer that customers will get many benefits. Even Drupal beginners will easily install Drupal with it.

Do We Recommend Arvixe Drupal Hosting?

Arvixe Drupal has lots of advantages for customers, such as full compatibility with Drupal, fast page loading speed, 1-click installation and use-friendly support. So it is the best option for personals and small-businesses to build Drupal websites.

More than that, the low price of Arvixe Drupal hosting is also the reason to choose it. With Arvixe coupon “clue30”, customers will spend only $2.8/mo on Arvixe Drupal hosting package, which contains 60-Day Money-back Guarantee in full.

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