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amazon-cdnAs one of the most world-leading and reputable web companies, Amazon ( ) has been providing powerful networking, CDN, application deployment & management, web, mobile, and other online services on cloud platform since 2006. Among its products, people may want to check the quality and performance of Amazon CDN service, and figure out whether it is worthy of being chosen.

In the following, we will review Amazon CDN service from its feature, performance, price as well as support factors to give all people a clear and comprehensive knowledge.

Amazon CDN Review on Features

Amazon CDN is one of the best CDN services in the industry, and it contains great features and dynamic, static, streaming and interactive contents that can be used to deliver customers a high performance website.

Choosing Amazon CDN, customers can get usage charts, device detection, cross origin resources sharing, geo targeting & restriction, custom SSL, POST/PUT and other HTTP methods supports, custom error responses, low TTLs, management console, assess logs, HTTP to HTTPS redirect at the edge and more others.

awsIn addition to these features, and compared to other CDN service, Amazon CDN is fully optimized to work with other Amazon web services such as Amazon S3, and Amazon Route 53.

For Amazon existing customers, a provided API allow them to distributing content from other servers through the Amazon CDN network. Or people can just interact with the CDN via the AWS management console’s simple control panel.

Amazon CDN Pricing

Generally, as part of the AWS Free Usage Tier, new customers can get started with Amazon CDN for free. Once sign-up, they receive 50GB data transfer out, 2 million HTTP and HTTPS request each month for one year.

For people only purchase Amazon CDN service, they need to pay only what they use, and there is no minimum fee. People are able to choose the regional data transfer out to Internet based on their needs.

Amazon CDN Review on Performance

Amazon ensures fast and reliable CDN performance by using a worldwide network of edge locations in the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America. These network paths are enhanced and monitored by Amazon constantly and also connections from the locations.

More importantly, Amazon CDN is built utilizing Amazon’s highly stable facilities. Amazon CDN will automatically route end users to the closest available locations based on network conditions. In that case, Amazon can ensure its CDN customers the best possible performance.

Amazon CDN Review on Supports

Being as a big company, Amazon takes the support service very serious, and it provides multiple methods for customers to get assistances and solutions. No matter they have technical questions or billing, sale issues, customers are allowed to sign in and contact AWS support team.

Besides, the Forums, Documentation, Technical FAQs, Service Health Dashboard, Articles and Tutorials, and AWS Support Plan are all available for customers to look through conveniently.


Amazon provides customers one of the best CDN service that with rich, powerful components, features, fast, reliable performance and support, and flexible payments. These advantages make it a great option for start-ups, enterprises or other non-profit organizations who are searching for CDN service.

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