A2Hosting VPS vs IXWebHosting VPS

A2Hosting is a Linux web hosting provider while IXWebHosting offers both Linux and Windows web hosting solutions. And both companies are the Top 10 Web Hosting awarded by our website, having been the choices of many customers.

In this A2Hosting VPS vs IXWebHosting VPS, we will objectively compare their VPS hosting features, pricing, performance as well as customer support. And we hope this post is useful for people when they make a VPS hosting decision.

A2Hosting VPS vs IXWebHosting VPS on Features

A2Hosting VPS just has Linux platform while IXWebHosting offers Windows platform besides Linux. However, at A2Hosting, there are multiple OS system options, including CentOS 5/6, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware and Debian. IXWebHosting VPS Linux platforms are CentOS 5/6 and Debian.

In addition, A2Hosting VPS enable people to choose the usage, starting from 512 MB memory, 10 GB space, 200 GB data transfer, 4 vCPUs and 1 IP address. What’s more, people pay another $5/mo to use SSD in dynamic plan, which is free in cloud VPS plan at A2Hosting.

And IXWebHosting Linux VPS is tailored into 2 plans with fixed features. For example, the entry-level VPS contains 4 CPUs, 768 MB RAM, 1500 GB data transfer, 50 GB storage and 2 dedicated IP addresses.

A2Hosting VPS vs IXWebHosting VPS on Pricing

A2Hosting sets the regular starting price of its dynamic VPS at $14.99/mo. And there is a promotion campaign that A2Hosting gives coupon code “ELF34”, which will make the price lowest to $9.89/mo. Additionally, its cloud VPS starts from $15/mo, which actually charges only for what people use. Moreover, A2Hosting has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for people if they want to ask for a full refund.

A2Hosting VPS Hosting
34% Off

IXWebHosting Linux VPS however starts from high $74.95/mo. Although with the special promotion 26% off, the starting price is still at $54.95/mo, which some customers cannot afford it. But IXWebHosting also has the refund policy for people that within the first 30 days, they are allowed to ask for a full refund without asked any question.

IXWebHosting VPS Deal
26% Off

It is apparent here that IXWebHosting VPS is much more expensive than A2Hosting VPS. Despite that IXWebHosting provides richer VPS features, it cannot compete against A2Hosting.

A2Hosting VPS vs IXWebHosting VPS on Performance

A2Hosting makes use of datacenters based in US and Europe, which will better maintain the high reliability and speed for websites around the whole world. And according to real uptime statistics published by A2Hosting, its VPS server uptime is about 99.66%. Furthermore, 24/7 networking monitoring is good for the quickest solution no matter what happens.

IXWebHosting built its own datacenter to operate its VPS hosting services. And this datacenter is well designed on the networking, server arrangement, outer casing, lighting, software, etc. More than that, IXWebHosting itself staffs are working in the datacenter to ensure everything is OK. In addition to that, 99.9% uptime guarantee is given at IXWebHosting.

A2Hosting VPS vs IXWebHosting VPS on Support

A2Hosting and IXWebHosting both directly support people via live chat, phone and email. Whatever time it is, people can find their supporting staffs and get problems solved as quickly as possible. On top of that, A2Hosting knowledgebase, blog and community are informative for people if they want to search something. And IXWebHosting also offer FAQs and video tutorials for people who need.


The comparison result is that A2Hosting VPS with flexible features and affordable pricing is a better option for every Linux VPS hosting users. For more details of A2Hosting and its VPS, please go to www.a2hosting.com.

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