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What Makes A2hosting one of the fastest web hosting solutions? In below A2hosting review, you will see how this company leverage all the latest technology to speed up your website.




A2Hosting Review in the following would analyze A2Hosting hosting price value, uptime & performance, ease-of-use, as well as its customer service aspects.

A2Hosting is one of the most leading web hosting companies who specializes in Linux-based shared hosting,  reseller hosting, unmanaged/managed VPS hosting, dedicated server to both personals and small businesses. Compared to many other traditional web hosting, the services of A2Hosting has improved a lot by integrating into many advanced features. With the brand new hosting solution, A2Hosting can address customers’ requirements better.

Now, A2Hosting is awarded as one of the Top 10 Web Hosting in the industry, and it has been serving hundreds of thousands of happy customers all over the world. In addition to its high-quality hosting services, customers can take benefits from A2Hosting 30-Day Money Back Period and 99.9% uptime guarantee as well.

A2Hosting Specail Discount

Like we mention above that A2Hosting offers customers a wide range of Linux hosting products and services. To make its hosting more affordable, A2Hosting now promotes its web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Through this A2Hosting Special Discount, customers enable to save a lot.

A2Hosting Shared Hosting - 51% Off

Normally, A2Hosting price starts from $7.99/mo to $18.99/mo. Now, the company provides all new customers with the latest and exclusive promotion to make its hosting service more affordable. By going with the promotional link, customers will get up to 51% off first billing cycle with code “FAST51”. After discounting, the hosting service price starts from only $3.92/mo, one of the best cheap hosting prices in the market.

A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion
51% Off

A2Hosting VPS Hosting - 34% Off

A2Hosting allows customers to design their own custom server. In terms of billing cycle options, A2Hosting offers 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. Through A2Hosting VPS promotion link, its VPS hosting discounted price starts from only $9.89/mo, 34% off the regular price.

A2Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting - 17% Off

For customers who choose A2Hosting dedicated server hosting service, they can receive 17% off now. Instead of its regular price starting from $119.99/mo, A2Hosting dedicated server hosting price is cut down to $99.59/mo.

Every customer can try A2Hosting services and promotions risk free for 30 days, since A2Hosting guarantee 30 days money back. During this period, if customers are unsatisfied with A2Hosting hosting service, they enable to ask for their money back.

A2Hosting Review on Features

The price value of A2Hosting is very high, since its feature-rich hosting charges at very affordable price. In terms of its hosting solution, it is based on A2Hosting exclusive SwiftServer platform, which ensures more reliable environment. There are many other great features and tools available to make customers’ websites more powerful. For an instance,

High-Speed Web Hosting

A2Hosting basic hosting package contains unlimited RAID-10 storage, unlimited transfer, at least 25 email addresses, one single and up to unlimited domains, 5 to unlimited databases, 25 email accounts, supports of POP3, IMAP/SMTP, multiple PHP versions, MySQL 5.5/PostgreSQL 9.9 databases, SSH access, the latest Perl, Python and Ruby, shared SSL certificate, pre-installed phpMyAdmin & phpPgAdmin and etc.

Especially great for WordPress users or Drupal users, A2Hosting hosting solution offers other optimized WordPress features, like A2 enhanced security, 6x faster page load, WordPress with A2 optimized pre-installed, command line WordPress interface. The company is awarded as Best Drupal hosting and best WordPress hosting by many hosting review sites.

Reliable VPS Hosting

A2Hosting offers customers managed and unmanaged VPS hosting solutions. First of all, customers are allowed to choose their Linux OS from multiple templates. And then, the server package can be configured flexibly. By default, A2Hosting VPS hosting comes with 10GB disk space, 4vCPUs, 200GB data transfer, 512MB memory and 1 free IP address. Meanwhile, they will get full root access, optional cPanel control, SSD drive, Turbo options and etc. A2Hosting VPS is considered as one of the best SSD VPS hosting services.


Dedicated Server Hosting

With A2Hosting dedicated server hosting, customers can choose managed by themselves or request A2Hosting professional management service. The entry-level server package includes 8GB RAM, 10TB data transfer, 2 CPU cores, 2 dedicated IP address, full root access, SSH access, optional RAID 1 SSD stroage upgrade, Turbo server boost, control panel and much more. Once customers finish their payment, A2Hosting will get their servers setup and running in 30 minutes or less.

A2Hosting Review on Reliability

A2Hosting guarantee 99.9% uptime, and its hosting performance can be considered as one of the most reliable throughout the industry. There are many important reasons why A2Hosting can provide ultra-reliable and high-performance hosting for helping customers succeed.

  • Multiple datacenter locations: USA-Michigan, Europe-Amsterdam and Asia-Singapore, and customers can choose the most suitable one to store their data, and get the fastest speed at the same time
  • Quadruple redundant network, redundant UPS, diesel generator power and 24×7 monitoring supports
  • Complete and free SSD feature integrated into all of customers files, operating systems and databases
  • Free CloudFlare CDN service achieves up to 200% faster page load averagely
  • Optional Turbo server with more resources per user and optimized performance over Apache

Host websites with A2Hosting can be a smooth but fast hosting experience. No matter people are going to create personal blogs or business websites, A2Hosting will ensure them high reliability. Moreover, A2Hosting allows easy upgrade when the needs increase.

A2Hosting Review on Ease-of-use

In order to bring both new webmasters and web professionals maximum convenience, A2Hosting offer the most popular and easy-to-use cPanel 11 control panel to them. By using this feature-rich and optimized control panel, customers are allowed to make management of their emails, accounts, domains, databases, software and even the whole websites easily. In addition, customers will get access to Softaculous in cPanel to install most popular software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and etc. into their accounts with one simple click.

Or customers enable to take advantages of A2Hosting A2 QuickInstaller. SSH into their accounts and access the A2 QuickInstaller immediately. It allows auto-install the most popular developer software easily.

A2Hosting Review on Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the big concern of A2Hosting. Its support is 100% US-based with no outsourcing, all of its support employees are responsive and skillful. Once customers have questions about the web hosting and its service, they could reach A2Hosting Support through 24/7 support ticket (email), live chat, phone call and online knowledge base. Besides all above, they also leverage twitter, Facebook to serve for their customers. Generally, A2Hosting will make response as fast as they could.

There are some other resources that customers can use to resolve most common issues.  A2Hosting Blogs and its online knowledgebase contains tons of useful tutorials, articles and how tos.

Host Your PHP WebSite with A2Hosting

A2Hosting is recognized as one of the best PHP hosting in the industry for it’s rich features on PHP, including:

  • Multiple PHP versions, including PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5;
  • The latest unlimited MySQL 5.5 databases and PostgreSQL 9.1;
  • A2Hosting sets memory-limit to 128 MB, which will better respond to web requests;
  • A2Hosting utilizes suPHP that will increase security of websites;
  • Apache mod-rewrite module is installed by default to configure a seo-friendly url.


A2Hosting has just one solution which is fully optimized and compatible with WordPress. With it, customers can have all needed features and tools to build successful WordPress websites.

A2Hosting WordPress Speed Performance

To figure out how fast speed performance A2Hosting solution can ensure to WordPress users, we install two WordPress site on A2Hosting. One includes 50 - 100 posts with no image, and another has over 100 posts with 2-5 images per post. After testing, we find out that A2Hosting can reach 0.3 to 0.5 in the first case, and 0.5 to 0.7 for the second case.

Customers can take advantages of A2Hosting SwiftServer platform, free CloudFlare CDN, Railgun optimizer, 10Gb/s redundant network, properly loaded servers, server location selection between US and Europe and etc.

Even better, A2Hosting gives customers optional SSD feature that they can host their databases, operating system and files on SSD, and get solid state drive speed boost – up to 300% faster page loads for WordPress than common hosting.

1-Click Installation for WordPress

Through cPanel control panel, customers can click the Softaculous icon, and install WordPress to their accounts with just few simple clicks. Once the new version is available, they will be noticed automatically, and can also update the WordPress with 1-click.

A2Hosting WordPress-Friendly Supports

A2Hosting guru crew support team is completely US-based, and all technicians are WordPress experts. Once customers have questions about how to get the WordPress website set up or other advanced technical issues, they can offer solutions very quickly through 24/7 telephone, live chat, email and online knowledgebase.

A2Hosting is the Right Choice for WordPress

In conclusion, A2Hosting can guarantee customers with WordPress-compatible solution, fast and reliable WordPress performance with advanced SSD option, 24/7/365 guru crew supports. So, if people want to find a good WordPress hosting product, A2Hosting is the right choice.


A2Hosting is the member of Drupal Association Organization, and its hosting solutions have full compatibility for Drupal 6, 7 and the latest 8, and have been recommended for many years.

Drupal Page Loading Speed

At A2Hosting, customers can have 300% faster SSD and US & Europe server location selections. Besides, it utilizes 10Gb/s redundant network, properly loaded servers and CloudFlare Content Delivery Network, which helps enhance 200% faster page load averagely for Drupal websites.

We install the common Drupal 7 in A2Hosting solution, and also use its?default theme Bartik as an example.

Two sets of data are prepared.

  • Case 1: 100 nodes and mainly text.
  • Case 2: 100 nodes and each node include 3-5 images.

Here are the testing results:

Home Page Loading Speed Node Loading Speed
Case 1 1.0s~1.2s 0.9s~1.3s
Case 2 1.5s~1.9s 1.2s~1.5s

Throughout the market, A2Hosting provides fast and reliable Drupal performance. The above data is based on its standard solution, if customers choose SSD technology, the average page load speed will increase to 0.3s.

Drupal Friendly Support Service

Like we mentioned above, A2Hosting is an important member of Drupal Association Organization, its support technicians knows Drupal knowledge very well, and could help customers solve issues very quickly and effectively.

The Support team can be easily contacted through 24×7 telephone, live chat, email and online knowledgebase.

A2Hosting 1-Click Drupal Installation

A2Hosting hosting solution comes with easy-to-use cPanel control panel, which integrated into Softaculous. So that customers are able to install Drupal site by clicking Softaculous icon with just few simple steps. Meanwhile, they will be notified when a new Drupal version is available. This is quite useful for both professionals and Drupal beginners.

Do We Recommend A2Hosting for Drupal

After reviewing, we find out that A2Hosting solution meet all demands of creating a successful and powerful Drupal website. It is feature-rich and integrated technologies to ensure customers 99.9% uptime and fast load speed. No matter people are going to create basic or complex Drupal websites, we highly recommend them to choose A2Hosting.


As a Global Sponsor of Joomla project, A2Hosting is 100% compatible with Joomla.

A2Hosting Joomla Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is crucial for website owners to keep visitors stay and then increase possibilities to reach their goals that they want to visitors to act. And A2Hosting knows this principle quite well, creating one of the fastest speeds to load a page for its Joomla websites.

In general, the speed is around 1.0s to 1.2s, which is almost fast as 3 times as the speed offered by the most of other competitors. What supports this fast page loading speed behind is multiple datacenters both in US and Europe full of power, monitoring and reliable servers. Moreover, powerful SSD is another reason to explain A2Hosting Joomla fast page loading.

A2Hosting Joomla One-click Installation

On top of that, A2Hosting allows it clients to install A2Hosting Joomla hosting to their websites within one-click. So customers just need to go into their cPanle where they will use Softaculous to build Joomla websites quickly and easily. Or customers can choose to install Joomla when they deal with order form. Thus their Joomla websites are ready to run when they finish the pay.

A2Hosting Joomla Hosting Support Service

24/7 Guru Crew support is a well-known supporting team brand in the hosting industry, which will solve problems from people in a friendly, effective and patient way. Furthermore, members in this team are all well-educated and well-trained in Joomla area.

Beyond that, Knowledge Base collects a variety of Joomla articles, tutorials and guidance placed in several categories. Therefore, people will more easily to find solutions and save much time. Additionally, people can input keywords to search solutions in Knowledge Base.

Do We Recommend A2Hosting Joomla Hosting?

We do recommend A2Hosting to people because of excellent compatibility, fast page loading speed, one-click installation and award-winning customer support from A2Hosting Joomla hosting solution.

Do we recommend A2Hosting?

A2Hosting is a fine web host who embrace all almost all the latest technologies in hosting industry to increase the speed and usability of the web servers. Generally, its hosting solutions contain great rich features like SSD, cPanel control panel, plenty of hosting resources, easy-to-use tools and etc. that can meet customers different and changing demands. Its hosting performance is quite fast and reliable. The comprehensive and immediate support helps customers solve their issues perfectly.

Do we really recommend A2Hosting? It’s definitely a great choice for individuals and small businesses to create their web sites. To know more information about A2Hosting, please visit A2hosting, and people can take huge advantages of its latest promotion to get the hosting service at only $3.92/mo, 51% off the regular price.

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