A2Hosting Joomla Hosting Review

A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) is a web hosting tycoon, running complete Internet solution business, from domain services, hosting packages to useful add-on. Since launched, A2Hosting has received much praise from customers and hosting industry. And in this review, we only make a detailed analysis of A2Hosting Joomla hosting to see how well its servers support Joomla.

A2Hosting Joomla Compatibility

a2hosting reviewAs a Global Sponsor of Joomla project, A2Hosting is 100% compatible with Joomla, which is installed in Apache 2.2.x. More than that, A2Hosting Joomla hosting is backed with multiple PHP versions, including PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5. In addition, A2Hosting Joomla hosting package also consists of the latest unlimited MySQL 5.5 databases and PostgreSQL 9.1.

Beyond that, A2Hosting Joomla hosting offers more of rich features to customers to build and run Joomla websites smoothly and securely.

  • A2Hosting sets Joomla hosting PHP memory-limit to 128 MB, which will better respond to web requests.
  • A2Hosting Joomla hosting utilizes suPHP that will increase security of Joomla websites.
  • Apache mod-rewrite module by default is also one of main features in this Joomla hosting package.

A2Hosting Joomla Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is crucial for website owners to keep visitors stay and then increase possibilities to reach their goals that they want to visitors to act. And A2Hosting knows this principle quite well, creating one of the fastest speeds to load a page for its Joomla websites.

In general, the speed is around 1.0s to 1.2s, which is almost fast as 3 times as the speed offered by the most of other competitors. What supports this fast page loading speed behind is multiple datacenters both in US and Europe full of power, monitoring and reliable servers. Moreover, powerful SSD is another reason to explain A2Hosting Joomla fast page loading.

A2Hosting Joomla One-click Installation

On top of that, A2Hosting allows it clients to install A2Hosting Joomla hosting to their websites within one-click. So customers just need to go into their cPanle where they will use Softaculous to build Joomla websites quickly and easily. Or customers can choose to install Joomla when they deal with order form. Thus their Joomla websites are ready to run when they finish the pay.

A2Hosting Joomla Hosting Support Service

24/7 Guru Crew support is a well-known supporting team brand in the hosting industry, which will solve problems from people in a friendly, effective and patient way. Furthermore, members in this team are all well-educated and well-trained in Joomla area.

Beyond that, Knowledge Base collects a variety of Joomla articles, tutorials and guidance placed in several categories. Therefore, people will more easily to find solutions and save much time. Additionally, people can input keywords to search solutions in Knowledge Base.

Do We Recommend A2Hosting Joomla Hosting?

We do recommend A2Hosting Joomla hosting to people because of excellent compatibility, fast page loading speed, one-click installation and award-winning customer support from A2Hosting Joomla hosting solution.

More than that, the affordable price of A2Hosting Joomla hosting package is also a factor to select A2Hosting to hosting Joomla websites. The price starts at $3.92/mo, lower over 51% than the regular price. In addition, A2Hosting gives customers risk-free hosting experience that within the first 30 days, they can ask for a full refund without being asked reasons.

To know more detailed information about A2Hosting, please go to www.a2hosting.com or check out A2Hosting Review.

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