8 Easy Steps to Get 10000 Followers in Facebook

233903To run your business online, a large number of online visitors to your website across the world is considered as one of the most important basics. Therefore, your need some help of social media sites because through social networking sites you can get huge customers.

We all know that Facebook is the king of social networking sites and it has a huge number of active members (over 700 million) per month. More than 60 percent internet users use Facebook, so it’s a great platform to promote your service or product and helps to get more and more followers to your business.

To be benefitted by the Facebook, your facebook business page needs to have a large number of followers or fans. The more fans you have on your facebook business page, the number of visitors to your website will be more. Sometimes it is good for SEO as well. So here are 8 easy steps following which you can get 10000 followers in your Facebook business page.

Step 1: Create a Facebook business page

If you are a beginner to social media, then start with creating a business page in Facebook. Remember personal page and business page are totally different. Personal page is for sharing your photos with friends but if you want followers to your website, then you have to create a business page on Facebook. So first of all create a Facebook business page and secondly make sure that the page is well optimized.

Step 2: Optimize Facebook business page

facebook-business-pageIf your Facebook business page is well optimized, it will attract more fans and followers and also you will get more likes to your website. To make your page well optimized the things that you need to do are choosing a good title, giving good description and posting exciting and interesting content.

Step 3: Build a huge number of friends on your Facebook personal page account

When you post an update on your Facebook business page, also share the update on your personal page which will help to get more followers to your website. Many of your friends on personal page will share and like your post and thus the number of visitors to your website will be increased.

 Step 4: Add Facebook like box

Adding Facebook like box on your website is very important to get more followers. This way you can link your website to your Facebook business page. In other words, this is a way to inform the search engines that this is your facebook business page. Through the Facebook like box you can show the popularity of your website to others. For better result add the Facebook Like button below each post.

Step 5: Increase engagement to your page

After creating optimized facebook page and adding like box in your website, next step is to sharing content which may convert your fans to your website visitors and then customers. Some steps will help you to increase the engagement to your Facebook business page.

  • Share content that your fans expect to see in your page. If your website is on sports, then share content on sports only.
  • Always remember that your followers visit your page to get news and updates about your website, not to see your holiday photos. Your business page should only be for your website.

Step 6:  Share content with links also

Generally you enter the webpage URL to share a post on Facebook business page from your website. Sometimes you can share the post only, no additional information. If the image and title are good, then you will get more likes.

Sometimes adding more information makes it easy for the fans to read information and they may click the Like button. So both the ways are equal and you can follow both of them.

Step 7: Share videos and images

share-buttonWith sharing posts you should also share high quality images and videos. Fans and followers like this type of content most and in result they like and share the posts.

Step 8: Promote your page and content

Having a Facebook business page the number of fans will not increase automatically. You will have to promote your business page in several other places than Facebook such as Google+, Twitter, etc where you have account. And tell your fans and friends on those accounts to join you on your Facebook business page as well.

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