7 Reasons to Include Video In Your Content Marketing Strategy

video marketingVideo has been part of the internet for almost as long as the Internet has existed but it has never been more prevalent than it is today. As the way people use the Internet changes it is becoming crucial for businesses of all kinds to include some kind of videos in their content marketing strategy.

Written content can still be your primary focus but here are 7 reasons why you need to add video to your marketing strategy:

  1. The rise of mobile

Mobile devices are the fastest growing platform with more and more users foregoing their computers altogether. Some long content you find on Twitter is by nature difficult to read on mobile devices. If you want to draw in people who use mostly or exclusively mobile devices, video is a tool that your business cannot live without.

  1. There’s an oversaturation of written content in most niches

Chances are pretty good if you can name a niche there are at least a couple thousand blogs dedicated to it, including at least a dozen extremely popular blogs. Excellent videos can set you apart from the constant tides of written content.

  1. Customers have almost constant access to fast wi-fi

Data plans used to restrict the amount of videos people could watch on mobile devices while they’re out and about, but thanks to the widespread installation of high quality wi-fi just about everywhere you go it is no longer an issue. These days everyone can watch videos whenever and wherever they want, so why not put some up?

  1. People respond better to video

Recent research suggests that people learn more from videos and have a more positive outlook on brands they learned about through videos. Tell a great story with your video and people are 22x more likely to remember your brand favorably—and feel positively enough about you to make a purchase. Still not convinced? 52% of marketing professionals find that video has the best ROI.

  1. New video platforms are on the rise

Vine made a huge splash when it came out and Periscope is now making waves in the social media world. These channels are video only, connect well with your other social media networks and are one source of customers you don’t want to miss out on.

  1. Established platforms are making it easier to share videos

Twitter and Facebook have both made changes allowing videos to autoplay in users’ feeds. Twitter is also actively working with video platforms like Vine and Periscope to make their platform even more video friendly. This means sharing your videos is only going to become easier.

  1. It doesn’t have to be difficult (or expensive)

Getting setup for recording can cost you as little as a few hundred dollars as there are plenty of quality video cameras available in the $200 to $500 price range. There are also several affordable tools to help you create videos. Magisto simplifies video editing down to changing a few settings, allowing you to perfect any video you upload.  PowToon allows you to create animated marketing videos entirely for free. Lightworks will take more getting used to but is an excellent video editing software you can also download for free.

Adding video to your content marketing strategy might seem like a daunting task but there is simply no excuse to go another year without it.

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