Changing Web Hosting without Downtime

Changing web host is expensive and time-consuming, and it is not that easy totally. This is one of the most reasons why many people choose to stay and endure their current web hosting provider instead of changing it.

This is traceable, many website owners, especially personal bloggers who have few knowledge and experience of hosting and website migrations, they lost their site contents, email credential and make the websites unavailable for days, weeks and even longer. And that causes visitor and customers losing directly.  In fact, changing web hosting from one provider to another can be easy, fast and safe. In the following, we will share a step-to-step guide to give you a smooth web hosting migration without any downtime.

4 Steps when Changing Web Hosting Service Provider

Step1 - Find a New Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting Plan

Before you start migrating your web site, the very fist thing is to find a new appropriate web host place, which will not give you a reason to migrate again, or soon. In Basic Web Hosting Guide you will learn how to define your web host needs and find a reliable affordable web hosting from our Top 10 Web Hosting list.

Step 2 - Migrate Your Web Site Scripts (Source Code) and Make the Changes if Necessary

Upload images, videos, databases and all of other files & contents. Meanwhile, do not forget to test your website by using the IP address assigned to your new hosting account. Adjust coding in case of the changing server environment. Check out all of the pages, links and pictures on the site to ensure they work properly. Finally, create email accounts in your new mail server.

Step 3 - Transfer Your Domain to New Name Server

Transfer your domain is easy. Visit your domain control panel and change Name Server of your domain to which of your new web hosting service provider.

If you don’t know the new name servers for your domain, just send a email to your new service provider and ask for it. Usually, you will get 2 name servers, one is the Primary Name Server and the other is Secondary Name Server.

Changing name server will take 1-2 days to be effective. During this period, someone might still visit your old web site or even can not find your web site. All those you will depends on how fast the name server information has been synchronize cross the internet. But it wouldn’t take more than 2 days.

Step 4 - Close Your Web Hosting Account with Old Web Hosting Service Provider

Once the name server of your domain is transferred, you will begin to receive emails from new mail server and see your website from your new account. This time, you need to leave your old hosting account open for about three or four more days for ensuring you receive all emails. Later, request your previous web hosting provider to cancel your account to make sure you follow all of your previous host’s closing procedures, and leave clearly.

About Your Domain

If your domain is got as free from your previous web hosting service provider, you will need to ask them about how much they will charge for domain registration. That’s the amount of money you will be charged when you renew your domain in the next year. Or you can choose to transfer the domain to another domain register if they charge you very high. GoDaddy is my preferred domain register considering their very cost effective domain service.


Changing web hosting service provider can be very easy and safe if you follow above guide. But keep in mind that selecting a reliable web hosting service provider for your web site is the key steps in all above steps. Hopeful, you can get a smooth web hosting changing experience.

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