Dedicated IP or Shared IP in Web Hosting

The Distinction between Dedicated and Shared IP Addresses

One IP address with a 32-bit numeric address always is expressed as four numbers from 0-255 parted by dots, like Each computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique IP Address for the purposes of communication. Numerous addresses are possible here, but the number  of that is finite.

Web hosting business has two kinds of IP addresses:

  • Dedicated IP address (named Static IP as well) refers that a site possesses its unique IP address. Typing numeric forms of the IP address  or in your URL both will lead visitors to the same website.
  • Shared IP address refers that multiple sites have one same IP address. Typing the IP address will just take you to certain generic page rather than the specific website that you want to visit.

For the amaznigly rising of the finite number of IP address and the number of registered domain, Web hosting companies have to utilize shared IP’s if possible. Actually, a number of websites usually share one same IP address. Dedicated IP hosting solution is not  the norm any longer and usually needs more.

Who Requires One Dedicated IP

dedicated-ipUsually, running a website with one shared IP will not harm you.But there are still some cases when dedicated IP  addresses are needed:

  • SSL certificate: It is required in the e-commerce website to accept credit cards on the Internet, then the data will be encrypted and passed between visitor’s browser and web servers. And to install a SSL cert onto a domain or web site, the domain have to be deployed with a dedicated IP address, because SSL protocal or encryption takes place before the exchange  of the HTTP header, which requires IP to identify the site.
  • Anonymous FTP: It is used to enable visitors download files from web servers through FTP with which they could directly download without providing the user name & password. In order to enable the anonymous FTP, the domain must be configured with a dedicated IP.

Search Engines and Dedicated IP

There are some well-known debate in SEO industry about whether we need to provide a dedicated IP for your web site, and part of them is true before but not right now, and part of them are still applicable now.

  • “A web site with dedicated IP can perform better in SEO than shared IP web site”. This might be true before, but based on latest research, there should be no impact. As you know, Search Engine consider more and more on the content of the web site, dedicated IP or not dedicated IP is really not important to them.
  • “Dedicated IP will protect a site from being banned by Search Engine”. This might sound correct since if a site scam the search engine, search engine might punish the site by banning all the request from that IP, so that all the web site with same IP will not work in the search engine. But right now, the most of sites on Internet are hosted by shared IP. And it would be non-profitable to search engines when they penalize a website according to the IP address. So, search engines can ban anything on one domain rather than an whole IP neighborhood and your web site will be in safe.


In general, you don’t need a dedicated IP. But it will be needed if you want to have some type of special entrance to your web site, like Anonymous FTP or SSL. For almost all the e-Commerce web site which need to accept Credit Card online, dedicated IP is required. And the cost of dedicated IP is normally $2/mo.

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