Web Hosting Cost Analysis

Would $2.95/month web hosting solution be really “Cheap”? In this article, we will analyze web hosting cost structure so that you will get a better understanding about the answer.

Time on Finding the Right Web Hosting

First, you need count the time you spend on searching for a web hosting.

Everyone wants to find the best web hosting for sites with lowest price available. But this is not an easy task actually.

For the nature of web hosting, people could not try it or test it before subscribing to the service. The only way to know a web hosting is to by reading reviews from web sites like LatestHostingOffers.com. Very soon, you will find you are in a bigger trouble. There are hunderds of hosting reviews site, and each of them have their own so call Top 10 Web Hosting. So, which one is the right one?

The first time I tried to find a web hosting solution for my blog, it takes me around 1 week to finally pick one. Thinking about the average salary American have earned per hour, the more time you spend in searching for hosting, then the higher cost it will have.

Web Hosting Fee

Another cost is the fee that your web hosting service provider will charge from you. In most cases, to host a personal website or small eCommerce web site, a shared hosting with a price lower than $6/month is good enough. This is not a big deal, which might be even less than the spend of a lunch.

But if your site become busy, than VPS hosting or Dedicated Server might be required. In this case, you will be charged much higher depending on how much resource your web site needs.

Server Maintenance Cost

The last web hosting cost you should consider is maintenance costs. It is proven already that a cheap but not reliable web hosting will bring huge trouble to you after hosting your site there. Poor support and even no support will make your business at risk and give you a feeling of hopeless. And then you might start searching for other web hosting provider and transfer all your web site to the new place. To be honestly, this is the biggest proportion of that cost that you need to consider.


Considering the whole cost of web hosting, we should put the reliability to be the #1 factor to consider when we look for a web hosting solution.

So, how to get a reliable web hosting solution quickly. Our site definitely is a good place to good. We have been reviewing web hosting since 2006. Our editors are experience in web development and web hosting. We clearly understand the background of most branded web hosts, what they are good for and when you should not use it.

To ease the process for people to find the best web hosting solution for their site, we rank web host in different categories, such as Bluehost is the Best Linux Web Hosting, but Arvixe offers better ASP.NET hosting solution.

Besides, we work with those reputed web hosts as well to bring their best web hosting coupon to our reader, which will ensure the lowest price as well.

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