55% Webmasters Choose Bluehost

Bluehost, The #1 web host nominated by our Review board, have gained extremely high customer satisfactory in 2010 based on the final webmaster purchasing choices in our site and the relevant cancellation rate.

Data shows that 55% of webmasters in our community choose Bluehost to host their wordpress, drupal, and personal site. And low than 5% of them cancel their account in their first month.

This is really an unbelievable result as the normal account cancellation rate in the first month is around 20% for most of the web hosts in this industry.

There are some reason which make Bluehost so outstanding:

1) Bluehost differentiate themself with the other web hosts by providing professional linux web host for individual and small business. With the boom of needs for individual to own their personal sites, blogs, or online business, Bluehost quickly grows to the leader in this industry.

2) Unlike some web hosts, Bluehost is led by a team who know Linux and web hosting very well, they develop many tools to make their server run faster and smarter, which lead to the higher customer satisfaction and lower operation cost.

3) Shared Linux web hosting is a big market, many popular php open source applications run in this platform, which includes WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Think about this, if 10% of people in the world owns their wordpress blog, that would be around 600 million account needs.

4) Bluehost really provides very good support to their customers, you could contact them via Live Chat, Phone Call, email, customers forum, and webmater knowledge base. The response from them is always very quick.

5) Bluehost is the first company in the industry who allow customer to ask for money back at any time when they aren’t satisfied with Bluehost’s service, which definitely brings huge pressure to their compititors as they have to keep on maintaining high customer satifactions instead of just the first 30 days in their trial period. So far, there are less than 10 web hosts in the industry would allow this term.

Clearly targeted market, reliable product, affordable price, courteous and professional customer support, all those make Bluehost the first choice for most of individuals, bloggers or small business firms.

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