5 Key Factors for a Successful Local Business Website

As local business owners, people have to know the importance and indispensability of an online presence, also known as a website. Traditional means of advertising still have their places, while online marketing such as social media, emails and etc. are considered as powerful methods for building brand awareness and promoting local business.

In order to help business owners achieve success online, we summarize several key factors. With them, business owners can build and maintain a successful local business website easily, even without tons of content, a complicated setup or advanced programming.

The Right Business Information and Content

When it comes to local business websites, it would be better to have very simple and basic content rather than lengthy and complicated items. So, business owners just need to put the right information and content on their websites. Even so, it still can be a challenge to decide what content is superfluous and what content is essential to include.

In order to resolve this problem, business owners have to figure out the reason why people visit their websites and what are they looking for. According to Google’s survey, people who seek for local business are mainly looking for product availability, operation time, directions and others.

However, local businesses as well as customers have relatively uniqueness. As the result, local business owners might consider doing some researches of what information and content their current customers and website visitors are looking for on their websites.

Contact Information and Map

This is an obvious feature of local business. Many customers visit the websites just in order to consult with them about questions or find the direction information to the local businesses. So, as a successful local business website, it will make very possible and easy for visitors and customers to find.

The best way is to create a dedicated “Directions” page with an embedded Google Map. In addition to the exact location, the page also need to contain the nearby landmarks and detailed instructions on how to locate the business.

At the same time, business owners can add their phone numbers and email addresses on the page. So, it is easy and convenient for the visitors and customers to contact local business owners with questions.

Mobile-Friendly Layout

Mobile-friendly-Website-DesignNowadays, more and more customers access websites using their mobile devices. The fact is that mobile traffic has already overtaken desktop traffic since 2014. Based on Google’s data analysis, more than 88% of people conduct local searches by using their mobile phones. Thus, it is quite important for local business websites to have a mobile-friendly layout.

To build a truly mobile-friendly layout, there are several points for attention. Firstly, it comes with a responsive web design. If the local business website is based on WordPress, then using mobile-friendly WordPress theme can solve the problem very well. Secondly, it will use large and simply readable font. Thirdly, it should load very quickly on any mobile device.

Since it comes with limited screen space, local business owners need to devote most valuable and useful content, meanwhile, try to avoid using floating share button, pop-ups and any other element that will make it impossible and inconvenient to view or read.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

home_local-seoA mobile-friendly layout is just not enough. All this is useless if visitors and customers cannot find the websites. Business owners have to ensure that people in the area who are searching for the products or services they offer can find the websites easily. So, they need to handle with SEO strategy, more precisely, local SEO.

Compared to the regular SEO, local SEO will take the searchers’ locations into consideration, and search engines will give preference to local business websites. If business owners want to optimize their websites for better local SEO, the several ways may help, such as Google Plus local page setup, schema markup, citations & directory listings and etc.

Keep in Touch with Visitors

Sometime, visitors are ready to visit local stores, but they just forget about that as soon as they leave the local business websites. This is one of the main reasons why it is quite important to keep in touch with visitors, to attract and retain them as well.

Email newsletter subscription is one of the most effective ways, which allows local business owners to have direct access to their subscribers’ inboxes and also control over what they send and how often. Of course, visitors will not like the frequent email newsletter. As local business owners, people can provide their visitors and customers with special discounts, coupons or even some freebies to convince them.

A successful local business website will have an email newsletter with opt-in forms in very conspicuous position. Generally, it will be just fine on the About page or after every post.

In addition to the email newsletter subscription, social media is considered as a better and more feasible way to keep in touch with visitors and customers.

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