1and1 Website Builder Review

1and1 (www.1and1.com) is one of the biggest and most well-known web companies around the world. Currently, it provides millions of customers with comprehensive and affordable Internet services and products, including reputable domain name registration, website builder, hosting, servers, eCommerce, email & office and etc.

Among these, 1and1 website builder is quite popular with customers. In this article, we are going to review its website builder service from features, prices, usability and support factors. If any customer is interested in 1and1 website builder service, please check out this 1and1 Website Builder Review.

1and1 Website Builder Review on Features

1and1 offers one of the best website builder services. All of its great design templates are completely optimized for all devices, and they are easy and fast to customize. 1and1 website builder is feature-rich. In addition to web hosting, 1and1 website builder contains other great features that will help customers create their perfect websites in just a few minutes.

  • Domain, Email and Unlimited Traffic

1and1 website builder contains a free domain name, professional email addresses and unlimited traffic. If customers sign up with 1and1 website builder premium plan, they will receive unlimited webspace as well.

  • Great Design Templates

Choosing 1and1 website builder, customers are allowed to select from hundreds of professional and beautiful design templates with few simple clicks. All of these design templates can be customized. Customers can try a new one at any time, and 1and1 will remain their page content intact.


  • Search Engine Optimization

1and1 website builder is optimized for better search engine ranking and visibility. The new 1and1 Online Success Center will help customers with the step by step optimization of the content on their websites.

  • Compatible with All Devices

Built on 1and1 website builder, customers’ websites are optimized for almost all mobile devices automatically including smartphones, tablets and etc. No matter where visitors are viewing the websites from, they will be ensured a good impression and experience.

  • Website Analysis

1and1 SiteAnalytics is one of the greatest features that helps customers analyze their websites and know which products and areas their visitors are clicking on and viewing. In this way, customers can optimize their content and product ranges to address visitors’ needs better.

  • Blog Feature

By using the blog feature, customers are able to publish day-to-day content easily and rapidly. Through few simple clicks, it is quite easy to take blog integration to customers’ websites as well as mobile applications included.

  • Web App Center

1and1 Web App Center includes more than 200 apps offering customers a wide range of functional application options, from translation tools, social networks, weather to directions, to optimize their websites.

1and1 Website Builder Review on Premium Plan and Price

1and1 website builder gives customers 3 package options: Basic, Plus and Pro. In addition to all the essentials, the premium plans offer 500 pages allowed, no ad powered by 1and1, 1and1 image library, 1 click Facebook site, expert mode (HTML/CSS) and SSL certificate.

Normally, 1and1 website builder allows monthly and yearly billing cycle options. Normally, the website builder service price starts from $6.99/mo. If customers choose to pay 12 months service in advance, they can get the price at $0.99/mo, 85% off the regular price.

1and1Website Builder Deal
Up to 85% Off

If customers decide not to continue using 1and1 website builder within the first 30 days, the company will give customers a refund.

1and1 Website Builder Review on Easy To Use

In general, 1and1 website builder is easy to use. With its drag-and-drop website editor, customers with no technical knowledge and additional software enable to customize the templates and their websites at any time.

Customers will find that a simply structured menu bar places all the necessary features and tools at their fingertips. Now, they can start to create their websites. Firstly, customers choose their favorite design template from a variety of options and customize the layout with some easy clicks.

Also, it is very easy and convenient to edit and format text, insert images, elements & additional text, integrate web applications, move items and make some other adjustments.


1and1 Website Builder Review on Reliability and Security

1and1 ensures its website builder customers 100% availability and maximum security. Both 1and1 web hosting and website builder are housed and operated from 1and1 well-equipped and highly secured datacenter facilities. If one datacenter fails, the system will switch to the others automatically.

Besides, 1and1 backs up its website builder service with 360 Gbit/s connectivities, the various redundant fiber connections ensure customers one of the fastest access times to their applications. 1and1 website builder also take benefits from the geo-redundancy technology, webspace recovery and DDoS protection.

1and1 Website Builder Review on Support Service

1and1 website builder is easy to use, while 1and1 still offers customers helpful support service to maintain customer satisfaction. 1and1 Help Center contains rich resources and articles of website builder, such as create a 1and1 website builder, assign your domain to 1and1 website builder, access the 1and1 mobile website builder, change the logo for a 1and1 websitebuilder site and much more.

If customers still have questions, they can send 1and1 emails or give a call using one of its available phone numbers. 1and1 provides telephone and email support methods.

1and1 Website Builder is a Great Option

1and1 is one of the most famous web companies in the industry, and its services and products have good reputation. As for its website builder, it comes with hundreds of design templates, free domain name, email accounts, unlimited traffic and more. It is easy-to-use, even web beginners can use its website builder and drag-and-drop editor to build very professional websites.

Moreover, 1and1 website builder ensures maximum security and reliability. It is cheap. Taking advantages of more than 85% off, people can sign up with its website builder at only $0.99/mo, with 30 days money back guarantee included.

To know more about details of 1and1 website builder, please visit: www.1and1.com.


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