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Headquartering in Germany, 1and1 (www.1and1.com) is an international internet solution company with offices in 10 countries. It offers people a complete series of internet products. Arvixe (www.arvixe.com), as one of the best rated hosting in the year, takes advantage of multiple datacenters in 3 continents to offer shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server and reseller hosting.

1and1 vs Arvixe post in below is going to tell the differences and similarities of companies in hosting features, prices, performance and support. So, readers will know which one is a better web host for them.

1and1 vs Arvixe on Hosting Features

Aimed at every user, both companies provide shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions, which is also convenient for users to upgrade or downgrade plans. Moreover, users will be able to choose Linux or Windows operating system at the two companies.

Overall, 1and1 and Arvixe tailor rich features. In below, we will list some key features of their shared Linux hosting.

Arvixe Linux-based shared hosting comes with 2 plans, including unlimited databases, SSD storage, mail boxes, bandwidth, and FTP accounts. Furthermore, it is possible to create up to unlimited websites in one hosting account. And people will get 1 domain name free for life.

What’s more, Arvixe supports MySQL 5, PostgreSQL, phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, PHP 5, SSI, CGI, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, shared SSL, SFTP, etc. cPanel control panel is included as well.

1and1 often changes its plans and it provides 4 shared hosting plans based on Linux at present. Moreover, it is promoting its second-level plan at $0.99/mo, which has unlimited storage, bandwidth and websites. But this plan only contains 20 MySQL 5 databases, 100 email accounts, 20 FTP accounts.

In addition, 1and1 does not support PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails and CGI. Moreover, 1and1 own control panel is not as good as industry-leading cPanel.

1and1 vs Arvixe on Pricing

1and1 web hosting pricing is not stable either, partly because the company often changes plans and launches different promotions. Now, the 4 Linux-based shared hosting plans are respectively at $3.99/mo, $0.99/mo, $4.99/mo and $9.99/mo.

1and1 shared Hosting Promotion

Arvixe is comparatively reliable, charging from $4/mo. What’s more, if people use Arvixe shared hosting coupon “clue30”, they will save 30% off and pay from $2.8/mo. 1and1 $0.99/mo plan is cheaper, but offers fewer features than Arvixe $2.8/mo plan. Besides, 1and1 $0.99 pricing could be renewed anytime while Arvixe coupon is valid for a long term.

Arvixe Shared Hosting
30% Off

More than that, Arvixe 60-day money back guarantee is longer than 1and1 30-day money back guarantee.

1and1 vs Arvixe on Performance

1and1 and Arvixe use multiple datacenters, high-end server, cutting edge technology and so on to offer reliable hosting performance. However, Arvixe is more reliable to users no matter where they are from.

Arvixe reliability partly depends on well-selected datacenter locations including America, Asia and Europe. More than that, these datacenters are exceptional hosting environment, supported by first-class UPS, standby generators, air conditioning units, hardware and security measures. Arvixe deliver fast page loading speed due to premium servers and many datacenters for customers to choose.

1and1 also utilizes several datacenters, but all are in America and Europe. For people located in Asia or Australia, 1and1 is not as reliable as Arvixe and its page loading speed is slower either. But 1and1 is a green web host.

1and1 vs Arvixe on Support

1and1 supports its customers via phone and email, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, 1and1 has online help center for people in case someone need.

Same to 1ana1, Arvixe also has 24/7/365 phone and email support. But Arvixe live chat support is also for people around the clock. Likewise, Arvixe provides lots of self-help resources in support center and blog. Arvixe discussion board and community are also helpful to search solutions, learn something and communicate with others.

Which One is Better

It seems that 1and1 $0.99/mo web hosting is attractive. However, this promotional price is valid for a limited time. On the contrary, Arvixe web hosting pricing is stable and also cheap. Moreover, it has ampler features, more reliable performance and better support. So, it is clear that Arvixe outperforms 1and1.

Please visit www.arvixe.com to browse more Arvixe information and don’t forget to use Arvixe shared hosting coupon code”clue30” to save big.


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