1and1 Email Hosting Review

1and1-email1and1 is one of the most famous and leading web companies throughout the industry. It provides webmasters and businesses with complete range of services including email, domain, hosting, server, eCommerce and etc., to meet their different and changing requirements greatly. So far, 1and1 has successfully served millions of customers around the world.

In the following 1and1 Email Hosting Review, we will review 1and1 email hosting from its feature, price, reliability and customer support service to give customers a comprehensive understanding, meanwhile, they can take as an reference when purchasing the email hosting service.

1and1 Email Hosting Review on Features

1and1 email hosting has 1and1 Instant Mail, 1and1 MailXchange and Microsoft Exchange 2013 by 1and1 three mail services, and each of them comes with different plans respectively.

No matter for personal email hosting package or business-level email package, 1and1 provides its customers useful communication solutions. In addition to the guaranteed email features in every solution, the optimized mobility of 1and1 email hosting makes customers’ data and information remain available and synchronized wherever they go.

For the feature, we take the basic Instant Mail as an example. It offers 1 included domain, up to unlimited email accounts, 2GB mailbox space, 1and1 webmail 2.0, website builder, mobile online storage, private domain registration, DNS management, anti-spam & anti-phishing, forwarding as well as email auto-responder, online office package and 1and1 office-drive manager.

Besides, 1and1 provides self-developed control panel as free, and customers can use it to setup and manage their email packages quickly and easily. Like create domains, active email forwarding and choose the POP3 or IMAP options, establish aliases, others.

1and1 Email Hosting Review on Prices

We have mentioned in the feature part that 1and1 email hosting has three mail services including 1and1 Instant Mail, 1and1 MailXchange and Microsoft Exchange 2013 by 1and1. Normally, their price charge from $1.99/mo, $4.99/mo and $9.99/mo separately.

Now, 1and1 offers its email hosting customers special discounts, which can be used to save up to $60 and more. After the promotion, 1and1 email hosting prices start from $0.99/mo, $1.99/mo and $5.99/mo.

As always, some of the 1and1 email hosting packages are guaranteed by the 30 days money back promise. If customers are not satisfied with those packages, then they are allowed to ask for a full money back within 30 days of the placement of their order.

1and1 Email Hosting Review on Reliability

We collect many reviews and feedbacks from 1and1 email hosting customers. Generally, almost all of them are satisfied with the service, and they think the service can be considered as reliable. 1and1 Lenexa-based datacenter consists of complete facility rooms and testing lab, and they are specially designed and equipped. Its cutting-edge and green infrastructure delivers unsurpassed power and connectivity.

Not only for ensuring reliable email hosting performance, 1and1 also carries out more than 150 permanently recording video camera, 24/7 monitoring, safety locks and others to guarantee high security level.

1and1 Email Hosting Review on Supports

When having issues or questions about 1and1 email hosting, there are some feasible ways for them to get assistance. The 24/7 phone and email supports are two most popular methods to get help from 1and1 professional technicians. If customers do not want wait, or their issues are quite common, they could check out Online Help Center, which has a 1and1 Email category containing plenty of articles and tutorials. To know more about 1and1 customer service, please check out the data from hostUCan.


Despite some minor flaws, 1and1 email hosting service is quite good and risk-free for individuals and businesses to choose. They can take advantages of its great rich & useful email features, high reliability & security, affordable prices and responsive supports.

To know more details about 1and1 email hosting, please visit 1and1 now.


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