How We Select the Hosting Award Winners

The ways that we award a web hosting provider is not mysterious, which are mainly based on reputation, price value, customer support, reliability, speed and ease-to-use.

Basic criteria

Firstly, the candidates should be in this inustry for two years at least. The reason is that it’s hard to be objective if there is not enough business performance data. And 2 years could be a suitable period for those providers to prove themselves.

Secondly, all the winners in need to  deliver great service to their customers all the time. No one want to work with a web hosting company that could only be good for some time, and then turn bad.

The next

When we make out a list of candidate winner, we will invite our web site members and our Review Board to vote. Each Host will be given a rating from 1 to 5 (5 is the best) on 5 aspects. That is the price value, speed, reliability, technical support and control panel.Then we tabulate the votes and finally give awards to the best Web Hosts in each of our Web Host Categories.

In order to ensure accuracy, the votes are generally tabulated as well as double checked. firmly rejects the happening of “Stuffing the Ballot Box”.

And before making the final decision, our Review Board will visit the websites that are ranked in the top rated Hosts in each category according to the final votes. We do all we can to objectively evaluate each award winner.

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